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​Never has an icon in my work become the symbol of my identity—until last year. This unbridled, frenzied momentum driven by my visual history, family ancestry, and raw inspiration created a new process—a momentum that charged into uncharted territory as ideas were scribbled on faded post-it notes and scraps of paper while the acrylics dried and the sawdust settled over every nook of my work in progress. A momentum that forced me to escape the virtual world to create new tangible ones on late nights, waking up the following morning with new designs. A momentum that charged with speed and fruition, filling the walls with layers of materials, colors and textures as I seized the moment—taking the bulls by their horns.

For many years I would experiment with layers of paints and stains over wooden materials, building rich textured surfaces to get a variety of aesthetics. After mixed reactions and brainstorming, I started cutting and sanding old surfaces to reveal a ‘chromatic excavation’ of my creative process. Eventually I transformed these boards into more sculptural artworks, assembling and juxtaposing them with fresh paints and materials to create unique variations of a new yet familiar icon/design: a bullhead. The double entendre of the bull represents my family heritage with many memories of traveling to Argentina, including working with gauchos and herding cattle; it also represents Durham as the symbol of a community beyond a residence: a canvas with multiple layers of a rich history that I’ve been proud to ‘paint’ with many experiences that have made this city ‘mi cielo, mi tierra’, my home. 

Fabrizio has been painting for over 30 years, using abstract expressionism, representational and pop imagery on mixed media as his recurring themes and subject matter. Fabrizio received his Bachelor’s Degree from East Carolina and his Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico. His work has been displayed in several venues across the Triangle including the Durham Art Guild, Golden Belt, Carrack Modern, Vega Metals Gallery, Visual Art Exchange, Carrboro ArtsCenter, and Lee Hansley Gallery.

Other places to see Fabrizio's work:

Portraits of Durham at the Durham Arts Council, 120 Morris Street. The exhibit features work by 64 regional artists sharing their views of what defines Durham, including Fabrizio’s Assembullage. The exhibit runs from March 15–May 2 in the Semans and Allenton Galleries of the Durham Arts Council and will also be included in April Third Friday programming on April 19.

2019 Members’ Showcase at the Durham Art Guild, 120 Morris Street. This is one of two annual exhibitions that is free and non-juried to display a variety of work by talented and valued members. This year’s exhibition features an array of work by over 100 local artists including Fabrizio’s Diabullo.

This exhibition is on view in DAG’s SunTrust Gallery April 5 – June 8, 2019. Third Friday Durham Receptions: April 19 (being rescheduled due to extreme weather) and May 17 from 6-8pm. Free and open to the public.

DAG’s SunTrust Gallery
Durham Arts Council building
120 Morris St. in Durham

Connect on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabzart2019/

Bulls by the Horns


Fabrizio Bianchi

artist statement